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Here is the famouse list that Brian Moses set up years ago.

This will take me some time to complete. It is a gigantic list. If you want to find a particular supplier, just use the search function.

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A-440 Reed Supplies

oboe familycane: Alliaudtube: Lorée

A.L.F.A. Musique France

oboe and bassoon familiescane: Plantation source for cane.

Accolade Musikverlag und Notenversand

oboe and bassoon familiesGood selection of double reed titles. Because the web site is in German only, bassoonists should search the catalog using the term "fagott".

Accurate Manufactured Products Group, Inc.

oboe familyother: Although most items are for bassoon, the oboist will find reed tools in addition to publications on reed making and instrument adjustment. bassoon familyother: Shaper tips by Harold Goltzer and Frank Morelli, Kraslic model bassoon profiler (based on Pfeifer's single barrel design) and other unique items made by or for Accurate Manufactured Products Group, Inc.

Adam Shaper Tips

Oboemanufactures Adam shaper tips and handles

Advantage U.S.A.

oboe familycane: Advantage, Emerald; Advantage profiled cane available; tube cane from France or Spaintube: Advantage student, economy, pro and French. Student tubes have synthetic cork, all others have natural cork. Natural cork tubes are available for refinishing tubes.other: Plastic vials with caps are available for reed makers. bassoon familycane: tube cane from France or California; Advantage: G, GS, GSP; Emerald: G, GS (narrow,medium,wide)other: Plastic vials with caps are available for reed makers.

Affordable Music Company

ReferenceAlvin Swiney and Shelly Sublett (1999), Great Oboes of The Twentieth Century: The Collaboration of W. Hans Moennig and Marcel Tabuteau. The Double Reed, Vol. 22, No. 1 * cane, reeds, reedcases and tools * accessories * sheet music and books * instrument repair and sales * recordings

Alamo Music Ltd.

oboe familysales: Amati, Armstrong, Artley, Buffet, Bulgheroni, Fossati, Fox, Howarth, Kreul, Larilee, Leblanc, Marigaux, Linton, Lorée, Patricola, Püchner, Rigoutat, Selmer, Xinghai, Yamaha bassoon familysales: Amati, Artley, Fox, Kroner, Mollenhauer, Püchner, Selmer, Schreiber, Xinghai

Albert Alphin Wind Instruments

oboe familysales: Buffet Crampon, Foxother: Repair bassoon familycane: Foxsales: other: Repair

All Bassoon Cane

bassoon familycane: Donati [G, GSP], Vandoren, French, Ghys, Danzi, Glotin; reed blanks by Grossman; Finished reeds by Scott Vigder.

Allegro Woodwind Supply

cane, reeds, accessories, sheet music, instrument repairs and sales

Allegro, Baroque & Beyond

oboe familyother: The web site offers sound bytes and information on the CD releases of this oboe/soprano duo. Also see B&D Publications [sheet music] and Master Oboe Reeds [cane and reeds].

Allgood Productions

bassoon familyother: manufactures Allgood bocals

Altieri Instrument Bags

oboe familyother: custom case covers for oboe and English horn bassoon familyother: custom case covers for bassoon

Amati - Denak, s.r.o.

bassoon familysales: Manufactures Amati.

Amati USA

bassoon familysales: Manufactures Amati.

American Bassoon Company, Inc.

bassoon familycane: Cane is available G, GS, GSP or wrapped blanks in several shapes.sales: Fox

American Oboe Reed Company

oboe familycane: Cane and finished reeds are processed by Mr. Kaufmantube: Lorée, Pisoni and student

Amoris Edition

oboe familyother: In addition to sheet music for the works performed by Jennifer Paull on her CD's, other works for double reeds are available, and Amoris welcomes submission of unpublished works for possible publication.

Andean Cane

bassoon familycane: T, G, GP, GSP

Argendonax S.R.L.

oboe familycane: Argendonax T, G, GS + segments available for both oboe and English horn; Manufactures González reeds for oboe or English horn [+bombarde].tube: Brand not specified, available for oboe and English horn. bassoon familycane: Argendonax: T and split segments [+contra], G [+contra], GS, GP, GSP; Manufactures González reeds.

Arundo Reed Tools

other: ART offers complete service, modification, customization and repair for all double reed gougers and shapers. Steve Maxym bassoon shaper copies or copies made from your favorite shaper. Shaper handle.

Arundo Reeds and Cane

cane and reeds

Arundo Research Company

Bassoonsales: Foxother: repair

Australasian Double Reed Society Inc.


Diffusión Arpèges

oboe and bassoon familiescane: Plantation source for cane.

Gary Armstrong Woodwinds Ltd.

oboe familycane: Alliaud and another unspecified brandtube: Glotin, Loréesales: Fox, Lorée bassoon familycane: Butterfield, Christlieb, Glotinsales: Fox [+Renard]

l'Atelier du Hautbois

oboe familysales: Manufactures Fossati and Tiery.other: Recently developed the "Mono Cadence" split trill keys (C-D and C-D trillers) which reduces the risk of cracking in the top joint.

Nicolai Antoine

oboe and bassoon familiescane: Plantation source for cane.

Oscar Adler & Co.

instrument manufacture, repair and sales

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